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The Municipality of the County of Antigonish is pleased to announce the launch of its recreation management website. Citizens are now able to register online for programs, courses and events using their favourite device.

Antigonish County's goal is to encourage high adoption of the service by providing a fast, simple experience for citizens and by making activity information accessible. The new site is completely responsive, allows citizens to create accounts using services like Facebook and Google Plus and registration only takes about two minutes. In an effort to ensure citizen data is protected the entire site operates securely with full encryption and is hosted in a dedicated environment designed for Canadian government organizations.

"We're trying to create a standard with the recreation site. Your average citizen is well trained in what makes a great experience when using technology. They're also sensitive about how they spend their time. That's why we focused on finding a solution that delivered incredible usability and speed," said Marlene Melanson, Recreation Director for Antigonish County.

Antigonish County is an important partner in a community-driven project to enhance citizen experiences using technology. The project is run by PathFive and municipal recreation management has been the key focus for enhancement. Over 30 other municipalities from across Canada are also involved in the project. Antigonish County has taken the lead by offering to be the first municipality to take the technology into a production environment.

"Antigonish County Recreation has been an incredible partner in this project. It takes a brave organization to step up and be the first to lead change. Marlene, Denise, Shirlyn, Heather, Laura  and the rest of the crew at Antigonish are innovative, creative and absolutely amazing people to work with in such a collaborative project like this," said Brad Leitch, Director of Technology for PathFive.

Citizens will be able to enjoy this new technology starting December 15, 2015.

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Marlene Melanson
Antigonish County - Recreation Director

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