Outdoor Recreation Programs

The County of Antigonish is a rural municipality located in northeastern Nova Scotia.  It is bordered by the Northumberland Strait and St. George’s Bay to the north and Guysborough County to the south.  Antigonish County encloses a widespread of beautiful landscapes where you can explore provincial and regional parks, many trails, lakes, beaches and plenty of green space.

One of our main goals here at Antigonish County Recreation is to help people connect with nature through recreation.  In line with Recreation Nova Scotia’s drive (Shared Strategy for Advancing Recreation in Nova Scotia), they express that people have an inherent need to connect with the natural world.  It is associated with improved mental and physical health.  As well, with our youth as a main target group, our outdoor after school programming allows for the improved ability to think, learn and remember.

Antigonish County Recreation offers many outdoor programs throughout the year.  All programs are led by experienced outdoor leaders with a strong passion for nature.  Our outdoor programs are in excellent opportunity for youth to experience nature and set the stage for our youth to become life-long outdoor enthusiasts!


The GO! After School Program is an outdoor based recreation program intended to get youth ages 9-14 back in touch with nature while remaining active.  The program focuses on Environmental Education, Outdoor Pursuits and Adventure Education.

There are three GO! programs throughout the school year:  GO! Fall, GO! Winter and GO! Spring.  The program is based in the beautiful outdoors with whatever Nova Scotia’s weather might present – sun, wind, rain or snow!  Depending on the season, activities may include hiking, tarp shelter building, snow shelters, snowshoeing, navigation with compasses, geocaching, fire preparation and building and a variety of outdoor games.

The GO! program is offered at Saint Andrew Junior School, East Antigonish Education Centre/Academy, HM MacDonald Elementary School St. Andrew’s Consolidated School and Ecole acadienne de Pomquet.


BOG allows youth ages 9-14 to participate in a full day wilderness adventure at one of Antigonish County’s beautiful parks, Beaver Mountain Provincial Park.  Depending on the season, BOG activities include hiking, using compasses, building shelters, building fires and outdoor cooking.

Youth have the opportunity to BOG with us in the fall, winter, spring or summer.  In addition, BOG summer is also offered as an overnight adventure where participants have the opportunity to learn and experience the preparations and excitement of sleeping in nature!


Welcome to the great outdoors!  The Outdoor Adventure Camp is situated entirely outdoors where participants will learn outdoor education, pursuits and adventure skills while being safe and having fun.

This one week camp will introduce youth ages 10-15 to a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and overnight camping!  All activities will take place at local lakes and parks throughout Antigonish County.

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