Equipment Accessibility Loan Program

Antigonish County Recreation (ACR) is expanding its current equipment loan program to incorporate its newly acquired adapted equipment. This program will allow all of ACR’s equipment to be loaned out without any financial or logistical barriers.

Equity of available programs and services in our community is of the utmost importance and ACR hopes to continue to support community members of all abilities in recreation pursuits.



Antigonish County Recreation offers a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Loan Service to the public. Adult and child PFD's are available in four different sizes.

 Adapted PFD-A combines the safety of other PFD’s while also providing extra head support. They  allow the user to float while lying on the back. These PFD’s are very difficult to overturn because of their large surface width and they do not dip the head into water. They are safe, easily    adjustable and fun!  They are available in the following sizes:   1xxs, 1xs, 1s, 1m, 2l

PFDs can be borrowed from Antigonish County Recreation free of charge. This service is offered year-round and PFDs are available on a first come, first served basis.  PFDs cannot be reserved due to the high volume of requests. 


These bags are great for family reunions, fun days, birthday parties and any other event in which you would like to have equipment for children.  Bags may include:  skipping ropes, balls, parachute, pylons, and/or hoola-hoops.  Bag contents are subject to availability.  Please contact Antigonish County Recreation at 902-863-1141 for more information on this service.


Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used as an aid during the practice of hatha yoga to prevent hands and feet slipping during asana practice. They are also commonly known as non-slip mats, non-skid mats or sticky mats. There are 12 yoga mats available


Nordic walking/trekking poles help you propel forward and upward  while providing traction and stability. These new trekking poles have bell shaped hand grips for more  stability and  support. Nordic walking is a total body version of walking that can be enjoyed both by non-athletes as a health promoting physical activity, and by athletes as a sport. The activity is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles.  There are  13 Trekking available and 21 walking available.

Benifits of Nordic Walking:

  • Can be done year round
  • Can burn up to 40% more calories than with regular walking
  • Provides similar health benefits of running.
  • Strengthens and tones your stomach, back and arms
  • Can be done solo or in groups


Snowshoes can be borrowed for up to one week at a time and are available on a first come, first served basis.  They cannot be reserved due to the high volume of requests. There are approximately 75 pairs varying in size available. 


A Hippocampe is an all terrain wheelchair that gives its rider the freedom to go anywhere and is designed to enable everyone to enjoy the great outdoors.  The Hippocampe gives the rider accessibility to difficult terrain such as beach, snow, sand, mountains and swimming areas.  This all-terrain wheelchair is lightweight, compact, waterproof, buoyant and can be pushed or self-propelled.  The Hippocampe has a weight restriction of 250-300lbs. There is one available.


Sledges are used to allow participants to enjoy a game of hockey or just go for a glide on the ice in a seated position.  A push bar allows the rider to be pushed or the rider can self-propel using two sticks with picks.  These sledges are great for riders with limited mobility or compromised balance.  There is also a wheel kit that transforms the sledge into a floor hockey sled. There are 3 sledges available, 3 sets of hockey sticks and 1 wheel kit.


Everyone can get out this winter with the Snow Coach sled! This is a great sled for those who need lateral support and who have good head, neck and trunk control.  This sled features a padded seat, safety straps, raised back support, a head rest and steel runner.  Not only is this a great sled for winter fun, it is also nice for anyone helping out the sledder since it comes with push handles at the back. There are 2 available.


Adaptive Tricycles are a great way to engage children with special needs in activities that will boost their strength, confidence and sense of freedom while getting some fresh air too.  There is 1 available.

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